We all want to be happy. We may feel stuck or face challenges. Getting support from someone on the outside, in the counseling or psychology field, can help you gain a new perspective. You can learn to make better choices, feel less anxious and feel more optimistic; find peace in the day-to-day. I strive to help individuals live up to their full potential by overcoming life obstacles. With sincere interest and a creative approach, I help people by focusing not only on the individual, but also the social and cultural dynamics that influence their well being. 

Through my years of research experience at the University of Pittsburgh, I obtained extensive training and practice in one of the most helpful clinical modalities available, Motivational Interviewing. I use a strength-based, solution-focused, and cognitive behavioral counseling methods to help achieve change. 

Therapy should be as unique you are. We don’t wear the same clothes or read the same books. People respond differently to different types of interventions, so I always tailor treatment to respond to the your specific needs and situation. My goal is to leave you with strategies, communication skills, and new ways of thinking.